Our Story

We are 2 brothers from Abbotsford with a construction background and a deep interest in health and wellness. 

We made a journey down to Florida to train in the latest dental and smile design techniques. 

After 4 years, Dr Jag came back with a souvenir, Dr Sonia. 
Meanwhile, Dr Manmeet was sparked by Elon Musk and invested in a Tesla (see Canada's carbon impact). 

Over the past 7 years, we have been working separately in Abbotsford and Maple Ridge. Now we have come together to fulfil our vision and share with our home town.

Our Space

Every square inch was designed and organized by our team with intention - Marie Kondo would be proud.

For your 1st dental visit, be greeted by our nature wall and experience one of our themed rooms: 

● Mill Lake
● Mt Baker
● South Beach
● Tesla

Loaded with tech, let's take a virtual tour of your mouth with the Carestream system. No messy impression material required.

Electric Handpieces by KaVo Germany - more precise with minimal high pitch drill sounds and vibrations.

Our Impact

The 1st B corp Dental Office in Canada! The “B” stands for “Benefit” and is intended to hold our business to a standard that benefits our patients, our employees, and our environment. 

Our clinic was founded on the principle that a business can be used as a force for good.

We saw a problem with the disposal of single-use dental plastics that end up in the landfill. We decided we could change that!
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