Dental Cleanings

Regular intervaled teeth cleanings allow for healthy gums and teeth for life :)

Important home care - twice daily: brush, floss and use a tongue scraper. However, keep in mind that these practices alone may not be sufficient to maintain ideal oral health. Every 3-6 months, a professional dental cleaning should be performed by your dentist, periodontist (gum specialist) or registered dental hygienist.

During our professional teeth cleaning process, we use specialized tools to remove the hard and soft deposits around your teeth which, if not eliminated, may lead to cavities and gum disease. We use an automated suction device that allows patients to rest their mouth while open, as well as vacuuming up the extra saliva and water. Our ultrasonic tips have different LED numbered settings to adjust the power of the ultrasonic and allow for comfortable cleanings.

During your dental cleaning/routine appointment - you can expect:

Dental exams
● Teeth cleaning & polishing
● Fluoride treatment
● Removal of plaque
● Removal of calculus
● Removal of stains

It is important that you receive professional dental cleanings regularly, as they are a crucial aspect of proper dental care. The benefits of this procedure include:

● You can maintain your gorgeous smile
● There is lowered risk of gum disease
● You can avoid bad breath
● Reduces the risk of oral cancer

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