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dental & smile design

2180 Gladwin Rd #104
Abbotsford, BC
V2S 0H4
COVID-safety protocols in place
Accepting New Patients and Walk-ins
*Currently open two Saturdays per month. 
Please call for details.
designing sustainable smiles
The 1st dental office going zero waste in British Columbia
Rethinking how we do everything
Centrally located at the new Mahogany high rise between Mill Lake and Abbotsford Hospital.

Locally sourced dentists "The Kailes" - pronounced like the superfood - joining the movement towards better health of people and the planet.
* accepting new patients - until capacity
* standard BC fee guide - no upcharge for being green
"From the ever so friendly receptionist, to the knowledgeable staff, zero waste initiatives and clean atmosphere this is by far the best dentist I have ever been to. There are small details that were ever so thoughtfully incorporated. The first time I went, the dentist gave me a tour of the office, explained where he did his education and how him and his family started the business. I was also given a zero waste starter kit that included: a tongue scraper, bamboo floss in a glass jar, a fully compostable bamboo toothbrush, locally made toothpaste tabs and a business card that has basil seeds in it so you can plant it!

There are different themes for each room with a diffuser scent to match. The chairs have a slow rolling massage (if that’s what you like!) They have boxes for terracycle, tooth brushes, toothpaste containers, floss, or all gets shipped and recycled to build playgrounds etc.
On the patient forms there is a section where you can list what music you like, my first visit the artists I had listed were playing! I was so impressed. They have TVs where you can watch Netflix etc during cleanings etc. They have given me warm towels for my face at the end of visits, like a spa! Another part I loved was, when I had to get a needle to change a filling and they had a vibrating device on the needle because it helps block some pain receptors! They have informative videos and the dentist always checks in and explains what he is doing.

Honestly I have never felt so well taken care of at an establishment before. I DEFINITELY recommend this dentistry office."

- a happy patient
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